i’m a restless multidisciplinary creative using storytelling to
solve problems.

Long Story  

I’m a Creative Design Director — with a seasoned passion for social impact and environmental equity. With over a decade of experience, my journey has been focused on the modern African diaspora, intertwining indigenous knowledge and alternative perspectives into every project.

In my career, I am not just a visionary leader crafting big-picture concepts and ensuring top-notch design quality. I am a storyteller, weaving narratives of social and environmental change into the fabric of each project. I bring a mission to inspire curiosity, infusing alternative thinking into creative direction.

Imagine me at the helm, driving projects that transcend aesthetics. My expertise in amplifying campaign goals, storytelling through creative development, and contributing to meaningful initiatives adds depth to all creative endeavors. I don't just envision visually stunning outcomes; I’m provoking behavioral change.

Curious to know more about my unique approach to design or have specific questions about how I think?



Brand Audits / Campaign Strategy / Creative Direction / CSR Expansion / Content Development / Copywriting / Data Analytics / ESG Planning / Graphic Design / Motion Animation / Project Development / Web Design / SEO / Social Media Strategy / UX & UI / Visual Identities / +


I keep pricing open initially to ensure inclusivity and flexibility. However, my general minimum consideration is $500. Let's chat about your needs and budget, so we can tailor the services accordingly.


350.ORG / Adidas / American Cancer Society / Anwar Carrots / ColorsxStudios / Disney+ / French Magazine / Hardies Hardware / Jahlil Nzinga / Jean Dawson / Joshua Kissi / Kurt Gieger / LA Sanitation Department / Lizzo / Magic Johnson Foundation / Meek Mill / Melanin Unscripted / Meta / MondaySuck / Motherlan / Nike Air Max / NYC Environmental Justice Alliance / Parson's School Of Design / Patta / Pratt Institute / Rocky Moutain Institute / Schon Magazine / Sotheby's Realty / Stephen Tayo / The Nue Co / +