This document serves as a binded agreement for the party(s) involved.

Timeline: A minimum of 50% of the invoice is due at the receipt of this document. The remaining balance must be paid no later than 30 days after the project is finished. There will be a 20% late fee charged for any outstanding balances.

Days: Each day represents an 8-hour day. Beyond that, a 50% surcharge will be charged.

Confidentiality: Both parties undertake to keep confidential all documents, information, knowledge, details and data of any kind, whether verbal or written, and to ensure that its employees and all others on their behalf also keep the same confidentiality provisions. This information does not concern information already in the public domain or information that will fall into the public domain. This provision will continue to be in effect after the termination of this agreement.

Subcontracting: Moja Robinson may subcontract part of his services except for artistic direction. By viewing this document, the client agrees to this subcontracting. In any case, Moja Robinson remains solely responsible for the correct application of this document. The party(s) agree on the project as specified in this document, including the project, proposal and budget.

Adjustments: Non-agreed changes and references are subject to an additional charge of 50% of the original quote.

Validity: As of today, this quotation and the associated prices are subject to a validity of one week.

Cancellation: In the event of cancellation of an order in progress, whatever the cause, notified in writing to the service provider, the work already carried out will be invoiced to the client at 100% and the work still to be carried out at 50%.

Assignment of Rights: All rights transferred to the agency on the creation for 2 years.