A collection of projects led by multidisciplinary artist Moja Robinson to celebrate completing his master's degree. Moja explores Black masculinity, cooperative building, environmentalism, and indigenization through his thesis, a short film, a photo series, a “children's” book, and a garment. All of which highlights his dichotomous perspectives, being innately privileged and undoubtedly oppressed.

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a death before dishonor


Before entering the exhibition please close your eyes and think of your favorite memory of Big Droop and take that with you wherever you go. We love you dad! Go hard on mf mafia cuz! Thank you everyone who have continued to show love and support, we could have not done this without you! A special shoutout to Mahaneela, Rambo, Eliane, Cherry, June, Joi, CL, Keisha and Uncle Mike, Uncle Gee, Ice Mike, JP Murals, Jean Dawson, Nico Hernandez, and Chef X!



As his final exhibition in Los Angeles, Moja experiments with installation techniques with film. Moja suggests that the mixture of hues and textures bend the lines of what  we define. Thus, a psychological  motive of societal behavior.

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don’t bother me i’m a work-in-progress


Coming off his first solo exhibition, It’s Okay You Threw Me Away, themed around up-cycled installations, Robinson stains himself as a multidisciplinary artist with  Don’t Bother Me, I’m a Work-In-Progress (W-I-P). After being released from art school during his adolescence, Robinson has continued to un-define the idea of expression. Frustrated with the structural ideologies of art in academia and the highs and lows of self-discovery, Robinson flushes these  emotions through an arrangement of canvases.



Directions: close your eyes after the act title   put yourself in the setting of the sounds open your eyes after the act bell.

An aural digest stimulating an idle sense. this project is to rekindle the act of learning and enjoying via ear. society has become reliant on visual perception, that it has become facile to pollute and distort the minds of the masses. ironically this project began during a time of turmoil between the usa and former soviet union. i was advised of the horrors of a cold country, but i compared it to the mass media and yellow press’ global groundless immortal vilification of high in melanin males. this mindset ultimately gave me the vision to open my ears and enjoy pоссия.


Duck, Duck

August 2020 / Switzerland / 48X48

Police are not legally obligated to serve and protect, but to enforce the law. The holocaust was the law, hiding Jews was not. The law is a basis for power - WHITE SUPREMACY, CAPITALISM, OPPRESSION, RACISM, PATRIARCHY, BANG, BANG, BANG! Being a good person does not overrule the choice to enforce oppression...there is no "good cop". Remember the chicken, mind your neck when reading the truth...duck, duck, goose.

oh a mistake!

2015 - 

connecting the dots.

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pieceing things together

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