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For Us Exchange:

The goal of this is to map areas where black creatives have been, areas where black creatives would like to go, the location of black creatives, and the location of black commune spaces. The purpose of this map is to encourage traveling to black people in the soon post-covid19 world.

Traveling, especially back to our homeland, allows us to (1) learn who we are, (2) respect each other’s culture, (3) detangle stigmas created to further oppress us, (4) develop skills we didn't know we had, (5) to create meaningful stories and relationships, and (6) to heal. Traveling has alway been essential to survival and healing, but doesn't mean going far, it could be next door, to a new neighborhood, or to a different continent.

Main Maps:

1. Average Daily Tourist Cost of Living Per Country (65%)

2. US black density in relationship to metropolitans areas (10.7%)

3. US black density in relationship to green space (10.7%)

4. Black creatives global (portals)

3:25 - 4:00

Question Pool:

1. How do you define traveling?

2. How has traveling helped you heal?

3. How has traveling brought you joy?

4. What made you get a passport?

5. Do you think a passport is important? Why?

6. How is traveling important to the Black community?

7. How has traveling shaped your story telling as a creative?

8. What's your favourite place so far? Why?

9. Due to the pandemic, now what place is top of your bucket list? Why?

10.What can't you travel without?

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11.Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else? Why?

12. Who is your dream travel companion?

13. What home comfort do you bring with you when you travel?

14. What has been your worst travel experience?

15. What has been the worst travel experience?

16. What country has the best food?

17. Who has the best looking currency?

18. What's the best piece of travel advice you've received?

19. What's the worst piece of travel advice you've received?

20. What's the longest you've been away from home?

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21. What oppression or privilege have you experienced while traveling?

22. What country has the best music scene currently?

23.What country has the best fashion scene currently?

24. Is documenting your trip important? Why?

25. What's your top travel tip as a Black Person?

26. What's your biggest first world problem?

27. City or countryside?

28. How important is it to you to meet the “real” people of the area you travel to? Why?

29. What's the best thing you've bought when traveling?

30. 1 person, 1 song, 1 meal, 1 country go!

4:00 - 4:15

Thank Yous + Outros

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