To supplement his thesis research, Moja calls on graphic and garment design to depict several rooted issues that have led to our socio-environmental crisis. In addition, he tinkers with the irony of company CSR initiatives gravitating towards apparel and memorabilia items to sell their socially equitable and environmental justice stance to the public. This piece is a reference to that dilemma, making it a contradiction within, fitted in a rigid boxier short fit.

Graphic Design: Moja Robinson 
Production: Everybody World

Specifics: 100% Recycled Garment Dyed Cotton / Made in LA / Custom Pattern


A three-print poster series highlighting historic Black / African / Afro ideas, movements, and inventions globally. Inspired by one of Moja’s childhood relics – a Black inventions poster gifted by his mother, which gave him the much-needed affirmation to collectively be artistic, nerdy, and entrepreneurial at a very young age. The goal of this project is to pass that experience on to coming generations of the diaspora.

Direction: Moja Robinson
Graphic Design: Trevon Rogers
Research: Moja Robinson
Layout Design: Moja Robinson

Specifics: 100% Recycled French Paper / Cream Cordtone Cardstock / 80lb Speckletone



The consensus is that it costs more to do nothing about socio-environmental issues than to begin initiatives to address them. However, current corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts uphold white supremacy by focusing on unilateral transactional connections that reinforce superior complexes. This form of csr prevents the reemergence of non-european knowledge. Thus, it endorses the global regime’s current extractive and exploitative behavior. To evolve CSR, knowledge of the colonized other must be centered, thus dismantling hegemonic forces.

Author: Moja Robinson
Contributing editor: Zoljargal Mendbayar
Program: MS Environmental Policy & Sustainability Management (The New School)
Advisor: Leonardo Figueroa Helland


Using a white-clothed cast, Moja symbolizes purity and innocence being fundamental in the wholeness of a Black man. Draped in his graduate gown, Moja showcases the seduction of power, authority, and sophistication. Moja wears a mirrored mask, displaying the light that reflects balanced masculinity – the awareness and wisdom from the conscious and subconscious being aligned. Touching on the idea of “sub- rosa” Moja stands on flowers protruding to the love and code within this union. Thus, the more we acknowledge and respect each other, the more we grow and understand ourselves.

Direction: Moja Robinson
Photography: Nico Hernandez / Morian Thomas / Ahad Subzwari
Editor Of Photography: Nico Hernandez
Lighting: Ahad Subzwari 
Location Scouting: Javed James
Production: Moja Robinson

Cast: Anthony Orince / Delwin Bazilme / Harvey Leon / Jared Royal / Jean Dawson / Michael Rotimi / Moja Robinson / Morian Thomas / Nana B Cool / Titi Sunmola / Walter Victor / Wayn Ohara Reid


Two siblings are on a guided quest by indigenous ancestors to save their mother. On their path, they face tribal warfare, famine, and a soulless society. The only way to complete their journey is to figure out how these issues are interconnected. Intersectional environmentalism is used as the key theme in this short graphic read.

Author: Moja Robinson
Contributing Author: Latoya Wakefield
Illustrations: Josh Brizuela
Narration (Audio Book): Albert Keronye
Background Score (Audio Book): Marion Deguzman

Contributing Editors: Adam Davis / Ava Southard / Erika Byers / David Berkshire / Sherryce Robinson / Tyler Southard


Highlighting his thesis research in indigenous knowledge, Moja taps into his Bantu lineage with “Ujamaa”, the Swahili word for extended family, which was popularized in the 1970s by Tanzanian president, Julius Kambarage Nyerere, to promote the re-villagization of post-colonial Africa. In the short film, moja highlights cooperative building among black men to remove the crabs-in-a-barrel thinking that is fed to our community.  

Direction: Moja Robinson
Cinematography: Wayn Ohara Reid
Poetry / Narration: Brandon Jackson
Editor Of Cinematography: Garcia Quintero / Moja Robinson
Lighting: Ahad Subzwari
Coloring: Tamarcus “duke” Brown
VFX: Moja Robinson
Animation: Moja Robinson
Location Scouting: Javed James
Production: Moja Robinson

Cast: Anthony Orince / Delwin Bazilme / Harvey Leon / Jared Royal / Jean Dawson / Michael Rotimi / Moja Robinson / Morian Thomas / Nana B Cool / Titi Sunmola / Walter Victor / Wayn Ohara Reid

Soundtrack: Please, Wake Up By Carlos Niño & Friends


Thursday, April 7th, 2022
Heal – A drum council led by Mekhi El, founder of the Rapha Art Life Center, to honor the opening healing intentions of HARD–BODY.

Friday, April 8th, 2022
Learn – A panel discussion focused on Black masculinity and the derivatives of colonialism – featuring a private screening UJAMAA! and the soft launch of The Sun and Moon Save Earth.

Saturday, April 9th, 2022
Celebrate – A celebratory exhibition for the launch of HARD–BODY, showcasing the entire project collection.

Events Producers: Cede. / Chucha Studios / Monad Agency
Events Moderator / Coordinator: Herrana Addisu

Events Collaborators: Aktiv8 Apothecary / Byas & Leon / Diversity In Sustainability / Perri Lawler / Nyallah / Rapha Center / Sofia & Grace / Temple / The Canvas  / The New School / Turbo Radio / Uptown Veg