a toy’s story

My head is buzzing.

I ’m not him, I’m a lightyear out of the box.
Take me out off your shelf, out of the
plastic put ons and burn the bow tie.

I wear mine just like the the ray gun on
his Sleeve, but not for destruction, for
isolated instruction.

anchoring me down

As energy is never created or destroyed
everything that is true will always survive

We keep this peace in mind
as those memories shall too
never die

birds of prey

Triangle kisses,
corduroy blue couch


give on Giveon,
she’s came and gone.

there’s only Zs now

doves at the gate

Elite constructed or very true,
how do I choose

The bosom blossoms on the topic,
why not call it blues?

A meaning to live without regret or
a life striped of living?

But just to double check does

Thou forgive truly?

jaw clinch

Vocal bullets pierce deeper
while the conscious lays salt
never cock your tongue,
for a requital assault

extinguish the flames.

So your eyes won't mirror
the revolving bank vault