mi casa es su casa

I’m excited that you’ll be coming home, here’s some things to note:

Keep This Between Us

This is a private link, so don’t share it with non-guest!


5849 1/2 Overhill Drive Los Angeles, CA 90043 / Second floor first door on the left

Don’t Loose My Keys

Each guest will have their own house key, the mailbox key is also available per request 

Parking is Smooth

There’s ample amount of parking on Overhill Drive and 59th Street

The Wifi is Buggy

Username: Moja Studios / Passphrase: SHOESOFF!

My Neighbors Are Snitches

If you run into anyone noisey just say you’re a friend or family crashing for a couple nights

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Be respectful, keep your shoes off, clean up after yourself, and squeegee the shower glass doors after bathing

Early Bird Gets the Worms

I start my day around 5am, but I’ll try my best to be mindful of you vampires. 

Be Mindful of the Plants 
My babies enjoy conversations not being pushed up against 

Sharing is Caring

Nothing is really off limits including my food, just ask if you’re hesitant :)

Who’s that Creeping in My Window?

I keep my blinds up, but no one outside can see deeply inside, however you’re welcome to pull them down at night for comfort

Take a Look Around

Use this link to see the apartment and things close by

Lastly, text me your favorite snacks & drinks, see you soon love!